General Terms & Conditions

1) Identification of parties
- Company:
Bed & Breakfast Bon Voyage (BBBV) S.r.l.
Italian company based in Padua (Italy), via dei Rogati n.1, tax code E,
VAT registration number:13283220153

- Customer:
------- ------, ------- citizen, living in -------, -------- street, nr. --

2) Definitions and interpretations of these conditions
The following General Terms & Conditions are based on the Italian legislation. Customers must print them and keep them as long as they maintain their working relations with BBBV.
Any corrections and changes of data made by the customer are to be sent immediately to the following e-mail address of the Company:

3) Offered service
Booking of overnight stays or overnight stays and breakfast in different accommodation facilities, both hotels and private or non-hotel accommodations.

4) Booking and Payment
The Company will answer any booking request made by the Customer via e-mail. In it the Company will confirm that it has received the booking request and it will commit to handle it asking for the availability of the services requested by the Customer.
Once the availability has been confirmed, the Company will inform the Customer and will ask for the payment (which can be a deposit or the total amount, depending on the request) within a certain time limit.
The contract between the Company and the Customer will be finalized when the Company will acknowledge the payment only via a written document (e.g. banking receipt of payment) and it will be subject to clearance and collection.
If the deposit or the total amount are not paid within the selected time limit, the Company reserves the right to cancel the Customer's booking and this shall not constitute any assumption of any liability by the Company.

5) Prices and Surcharges
The prices and surcharges of the offered services will be as stated on the website (prices in any printed brochure supplements, advertisements or other materials are for indication only).
The prices may be subject to changes at any time (prices for an on-line booking may also be subject to changes if they are not accompanied by a full payment or a deposit). Once a deposit or a full payment is made, the prices will not change.

6) Changes by the Company
The Company will do its utmost to provide the arrangements that have been confirmed, but it must reserve the right to modify or cancel any request due to reasons of Force Majeure or if unforeseen circumstances arise.
The Company is obliged to inform the Customer of any change or cancellation made to the agreed services as soon as possible, even if these modifications occur before the time limit set for payment and even if they are due to reasons of Force Majeure or unforeseen circumstances. Moreover, the Company shall offer the Customer the choice of an alternative holiday of at least comparable standards if available. If the Company is unable to offer an alternative of similar price, then the Company will refund the difference paid by the Customer.
By reasons of Force Majeure we mean every kind of violent or unexpected event which is not under control of the Company or whose consequences cannot be foreseen and / or avoided by the Company. If such an event occurs during the Customer's stay, the Company will try to offer a reasonable alternative.

7) Limitation of Liability of the Company
The Company is not responsible for the risks and events that the Customer may be exposed to during its stay. These risks include, but are not limited to, accidents with means of transport, sickness without readily available medical facilities, natural events and strikes.
Customers waive any liability against the Company, its employees or collaborators and the owners of the accommodations for any injury, loss, damage, accident, expense or delay caused by or related to the agreed services (such as means of transport, lodging including host families etc.).
Customers acknowledges that they are travelling under their own responsibility (if the Customer is a minor, parents or guardians assume this responsibility) and releases the Company, its employees or collaborators and the owners of the accommodations from any liability related to health and safety.

8) Changes by the Customer
Customers who wish to change their booking in any way after the payment is made (both if it is the deposit and the total amount) must inform the Company immediately with a written document.
In case of a change of the arrival or departure date, the new starting and ending date need to be arranged before December 31st of the same year. The change of date depends on the availability of the accommodation. More than one change is not accepted.

9) Cancellation by the Customer
If Customers wish to cancel their booking, they have to send a written and signed document to the following fax number +39. 049. 7841084 or via email writing to The date of the cancellation will be taken as the date in which the Company receives the comunication.
In case of a cancellation made by the Customer (regardless of the reasons), the deposit is non-refundable. Moreover, Customers are obliged and are always held accountable to pay the following cancellation fees, even if they have paid only the deposit.
The cancellation charges are:
-        50% of the total amount between 14 and 7 days before the arrival date
-        80% of the total amount between 6 and 3 days before the arrival date
-        100% of the total amount less than 3 days before the arrival date, no shows or for advance leaving.
At the payment of the booking (either of the deposit amount or of the total amount of the stay) the Customer authorizes the Company to debit or to withhold the amount from his credit card following the cancellation policy above.
After the agreed beginning date of the stay, no refund for any booked service is possible.
It is Customers' responsibility to have a valid passport and all visas required to enter the country in which the stay is taking place. Moreover, it is Customers' responsibility to take sufficient time to apply for any necessary visas according to their origin and destination. Only the Consulate or Embassy of the country you are visiting can advise you on the need of a visa and the time needed to apply for it.

10) Early Returns
No refund will be given for interruptions or early returns. If the Customer is to cancel their stay due to a personal emergency or other unforeseeable causes, please notify it to the Company with a written document before giving up their stay.

11) Descriptions
The Company honestly believes that all statements made in its website are factual and correct. Every reasonable effort has been made to faithfully describe the accommodations and the surrounding environment and to provide the described services. Therefore the Company cannot be held responsible for any changes that are known after issuing the text on the website, nor can the Company accept liabilities for events outside its reasonable control.
The Company is responsible to inform the Customer of any material changes which takes place before the Customer's departure.

12) Special Requirements
The Customer has to inform the Company of any special requests or requirements with a written document when they fill in the booking form. On the contrary, The Company reserves the right to cancel the booking request in any moment if the chosen accommodation or any other provider is not able to provide the necessary services. In addition to that, the Customer will have to pay the cancellation fees described in these general terms and conditions (point 9).

13) Handling of personal data

Aim of personal information treatment:
In compliance with the Italian law decree D. Lgs. n. 196/2003, art. 130 paragraph 4 (act on protection of personal data) we would like to inform you that personal customer data voluntarily given during previous working relations or required in the registration form can be used to send communications, informative or commercial materials or direct sales. Our marketing staff will come to know your personal data for the goals explained above and the data controller is our company: Bed & Breakfast Bon Voyage s.r.l.. Via Rogati 1, 35122 Padova – Italy.
Data management and safety measures:
Personal information will be processed using computer or electronic methods and adopting every measure suggested by the law in order to guarantee security and privacy of your data. This is done in order to reduce, as far as possible, the risk of illegal access, theft or violation of your personal information.
Meanwhile, we inform you that it is impossible to surfing the internet without being “watched over”. Therefore, your personal data will be transmitted to (and other domains pertaining to the group) under your own responsibility.
You cannot subscribe to our services using an e-mail address which is not your own. We are against every kind of privacy violations towards third parties, therefore it is not possible to subscribe with information pertaining to somebody else.
Submittal of data:
Submittal of personal information is optional, since contents(and contents of other domains of the group) are accessible by anyone, with the exception of the services for registered users in the restricted area.
Registering in our restricted area means that you agree with personal information treatment.
Sensitive data (regarding health, religion, etc.) will not be collected by any circumstance.
Correction and updating of your personal information:
In every moment you can object to personal information treatment sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address: or a fax: +39 049 650899 and you can exercise the rights stated in the Italian law d. lgs. vo n. 196/2003, art. 7 (such as right to access, correction, updating and cancellation).

In the website (and other domains of the group) owned by Bed & Breakfast Bon Voyage s.r.l. no permanent cookies are used, furthermore we do not track IP addresses, nor use any other kind of long-lasting tracking systems.
Temporary cookies (that is, cookies which disappear after you have closed you browser) are used just to improve the surfing in the website and its working.
The Company is not responsible for different cookies policies of linked websites.

14) Applied legislation
In case of disagreements about the contract, the general terms and conditions and the handling of the booking request both parties are leaving the decision of the dispute to the Tribunale Civile e Penale di Padova (Civil and Penal Court of Padua)

15) Language of the present Terms & Conditions
The present Terms & Conditions were originally written in Italian. Afterwards they were translated into the following languages: English and French. If there any differences between the original document and the translation, the original version and hence the Italian version is always valid.

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