My italian recipes

Ice cream in the coffee

The ice cream in the coffee can be considered as a perfect alternative to the usual ice cream and to the traditional baked cakes.
The hot temperature is an invitation to try out this recipe! 


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Pappa al pomodoro

In winter it is a perfect soup served hot, pappa al pomodoro (bread and tomatoes soup) is delicious even in summer at room-temperature. It has to be served with extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.

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Artichoke Frittata “Italian omelette”

Artichokes are delicious vegetables that lend themselves to many recipes, here is the recipe for a frittata, an Italian omelette, very light that can be served as a main dish or cubed as an appetizer.

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Turkey Meatloaf

A light but tasty meatloaf? Find out how to make it!

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Chocolate cake

Discover the recipe of this simple but great chocolate cake

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Pasta all'amatriciana

Put together some simple but genuine ingredients such as guanciale, tomatoes and Pecorino Romano cheese and you'll have the pasta all'amatriciana. Try it!

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Flavoured olive oil

Find out how to make on your own lemon, orange and rosemary flavoured olive oil!

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Pumpkin soup

Is there anything better than a hot and tasty soup when outside it's cold? Here is the recipe of the pumpkin soup.

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Typical Neapolitan dish whose name is due to the shape of the pasta, which looks like pieces of squids. 

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Cous cous from Trapani

The recipe of cous cous is ancient: even the Carthaginians, Greeks and Romans used to cook it.
The Sicilian cuisine has taken hold of it and made numerous variants.

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