Umbria: events on October and November

ALTROCIOCCOLATO 2013 – Città di Castello, Perugia
18-20 October 2013
The motto of this event sounds like the place where justice tastes cocoa. The aim is that of involving and protecting the fairtrade dies – valid alternatives to usual trade that want to assure quality and employment. These alternative production processes will be presented in the exhibitions, taking into consideration the biologic agriculture. In an amazing background, an event that will offer you many varieties of chocolate from all over the world.

2-7 October 2013
It is the celebration of St. Francis of Assisi, one the most revered saints and patron of Italy. You will have the opportunity to visit the amazing places where St. Francis lived.

GIOSTRA DELL'ARME 2013 – 2013 JOUST OF THE ARMS – San Gemini, Terni
28 September – 13 October 2013
The 39th edition of the Joust of the Arms, a challenge between the two main districts, Rocca and Piazza, will take place in the breathtaking background of San Gemini, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. You will have the chance to live as if you were going back in time, thanks to historic reconstructions, horse tournaments and traditional cuisine.

18-27 October 2013
Where this chocolate event could take place if not in Perugia - the chocolate capital? In this edition, Perugia is going to open to up-to-dated ideas and plans: Having overseen the edition just ended with Web 2.0 and Social Networks and the appeal Applichiamoci , on the occasion of the celebrations for its first twenty years of operation, Eurochocolate Perugia broadens its horizons and dedicates its efforts to the world of ecology and sustainability.
It will be, Evergreen | the sweetness of being sustainable , the official slogan for the next edition, to be held from Friday 18th to Sunday, October 27, 2013.

1-3 November 2013
Cuisine lovers cannot miss the exhibition that celebrates one of the most precious ingredients of Italian cuisine, the saffron – that means splendour of the sun. At the beginning, it was used in wall paintings to get the colour yellow, but then it begun to be used for cuisine as well. In this event you will find out so many curiosities, besides tasting the typical products that contain the excellent saffron that made Cascia so famous as it is.

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