Unusual monuments in Italy

Here there is a list of some unusual monuments in Northern Italy, not the classic  ones but some that you may not visit without this suggestion...

  • Milan can offer you some really excellent unusual attractions to visit:Alfa Romeo Historical Museum or Museo Storico dell’Alfa Romeo in italian, opened on December 18, 1976, and it is placed in Arese, near Milan. The museum is located in the now unused Alfa Romeo Arese factory area, which stopped manufacturing of cars in 2003. The whole museum is dedicated to over 100 years of Alfa Romeo marque, which has produced various products (automobiles, commercial vehicles, railway locomotives, tractors, buses).

  • The hidden anti aircraft repairs of WWII like the one in Piazza 5 Giornate... Can you see it? Obviously not, it is under the statue!Or the one in Piazza Grande hidden under the fountain... Try to discover the places of this bunkers that saved hundreds of lives during the second world war.
  • Turin is one of the  the biggest cities of northern Italy, it is a city full of ancient culture.It can be a great city to visit, here you are a suggestion. Pay attention to the "flowers" on buildings!!! It is a particular Liberty style really typical of Turin...
  • You can also try to find all the Sabaudian houses

    Palazzo Reale
    Palazzo Madama
    Palazzo Carignano
    Castello del Valentino
    Palazzina di caccia di Stupinigi
    Villa della Regina.
    The Sabaudian family had lots of houses in Piedmont, these are only the ones around Turin.
  • Venice, of my heart: for Venice I will just suggest you two things: Try to get lost in the city. And visit it using the water public means of transport. You will discover hidden corners just getting down the Vaporetto at a random stop.
  • Genoa is another maritime town that has lots of churches and a beautiful city centre: in Genoa you MUST visit only one thing... The aquarium, located in the above-mentioned old harbour. The aquarium was originally built for the Genoa Expo 92, celebrating 500 years since the Genoan sailor Cristoforo Colombo discovered the new world. The building, which some say looks like a ship ready to head out to sea, was designed by the Genoese architect Renzo Piano of the Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

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