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There are no cities like Venice... One of the most famous cities in the world, unique. With its "canali" substituting the normal roads, it is the most exceptional touristic experience you will be able to do in Italy. Visiting Venice by water is a completely new experience, also if you had already visited it by land, so I suggest you to take a ticket for one of the "vaporetti" (the buses of Venice) and get lost in the web of streets (called "calle" or "rio" or even "fondamenta")... you will find antique palaces, churches and squares that will surprise you with their variety of colours, names and people. When you are tired and you want to eat something typical, just go near the Bridge of the Accademia and taste the "gianduiotto", a solid piece of ice cream chocolate and hazelnut flavoured with whipped cream, something really excellent and typical.

Another beautiful city is Padua. With a charming old town centre, it hosts one of the biggest ancient church (Santa Giustina) and one of the biggest square in Europe (Prato della Valle). It has also the second most ancient university in the whole world! the university of Padua has been founded in 1222. Padua is not a huge city so walking around or renting a bike would be the best solution if you want to breath the real atmosphere of this town. One of the most beautiful monument in the world is The Scrovegni's Chapel, a church painted by Giotto in the 14thcentury, the frescos have been restored in 2002 and the colours seem to be alive.

Verona is a nice town in Veneto. It hosts one of the biggest roman arenas, still in use for concerts and various events. The "Arena di Verona", during summer you can assist to lyrical concerts and opera. A must see touristic attraction is the balcony of the house of the famous Juliet from "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare. You will see all the small notes that lovers leave near the house... If you pay attention you will see the people touching the statue of Juliet, a particular of the statue, some say that it brings good luck.

Treviso is smaller than the other cities. It deserves a visit, the ancient venetian walls, the squares and the bridges are really beautiful. All the campaigns around are marvellous. During your stay find the right occasion to taste the "radicchio trevisano": a typical, flavory vegetable that grows in the campaigns. If you want to take a pause during the visit of this romantic city I suggest you a typical place: The Osteria Canova (Borgo Camillo Benso Conte Di Cavour, 52), it's a place where you will find every ingredient for a good sandwich, they have everything you need for a well done "panino".

Belluno, the name of this beautiful city derives from latin "belo-dunum": shining hill translated. This town hosts some nice monuments like Palazzo dei Rettori, Palazzo di Giustizia and the Cattedrale Barocca. During all the year there are art exhibitions in Palazzo Crepadona. If you prefer to eat something typical, during the winter you should visit the near town of Longarone that hosts a worldwide famous" Mostra internazionale del gelato artigianale" (November-December). If you want to eat something good I suggest the restaurant "Al Borgo" (Via Anconetta, 8, Belluno) a really nice restaurant, where you can eat all the dishes of this beautiful land.

Rovigo is a small town placed in the middle of Polesine. Must visit "The Museum of big rivers". Also in the Province you can find the "Parco naturalistico del Po", a huge natural reserve that offers a great variety of animals and plants to see. If you want to taste typical dishes from Veneto's cuisine you should go to the restaurant of the Hotel Villa Regina Margherita (tel.0425 361540/ Viale Repubblica Regina Margherita, 6, Rovigo). Here you will find a beautiful place where to drink and eat something with an excellent price/quality ratio.

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